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Caneel Bay Beach Blanket

$ 57.00

Our colorful Fine Foutas (pronounced “foo-tahs") are hand woven by Tunisian artisans using 100% organic cotton - thin and stylish – they can be used as elegant beach or bath towels, wraps, pareos, sarongs, throws or blankets.

The beach blankets also feature the Caneel Bay Resort Logo

Select from a variety of colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Turquoise & Green

  • 100 % organic cotton
  • Honeycomb weave with multiple thin stripes at either end
  • Handwoven in Tunisia
  • Super absorbent and lightweight, packs really small
  • Takes up less room in the washer and closet space then terry cloth towels
  • Large enough for an adult to lay on or use for a picnic
  • Softer after multiple washes
  • Color don't bleed and never fade
  • 79" H X 40" W (200 cm H x 100 cm W)